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Passed 1st time!
Yay I have passed my test first time today, all due to Justine’s constant and ongoing support, I have had bad experiences with driving instructors in the past but from the first conversation we had she made me feel more relaxed and confident, I would 100% recommend her to anyone especially people who are anxious first drivers, she is amazing !!

Ellie PavittEllie Pavitt
Passed 1st time at Southend!
I would totally recommend Justine. My lessons were fun and enjoyable and I will miss our chats! I was really happy to pass my test first time, I wouldn't have been able to do it without her!

Emily JohnstoneEmily Johnstone
Passed 1st time in secret!
"I would 100% recommend Justine to anyone thinking of starting their driving lessons! She’s an absolutely lovely lady and has such a kind way about her that makes you feel very calm! Thankyou Justine for helping me pass my test!"

Lilly PinkertonLilly Pinkerton
Passed 1st time at Southend
After only having had 35 hours of lessons, I passed first time learning to drive with Justine! LDC Driving School and my brilliant instructor provided me with everything I needed to know for the test. I really couldn't have done it in that short frame time without Justine's patience and her clear, constructive advice. It was a pleasure learning with Justine and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to pass with ease!

Amy WoodAmy Wood
Passed at Southend
I found my lessons with Justine really encouraging and based around what I would want to get out of the lesson. Justine always answered any questions I had and would help me with my driving weaknesses. I would definitely recommend Justine to anyone learning to drive!

Andrew SteeleAndrew Steele
Passed 1st time at Southend
Thoroughly recommend Justine as a driving instructor. Always made me feel calm and never put pressure on me with anything, allowing me to learn at my own pace while gaining quality skills needed to drive! 100% worth every penny and without her I wouldn't have passed first time. 👍

Charlie CarrCharlie Carr
Passed at Southend
Driving with you and LDC was great, not only about the driving, but whenever I made an error we would both laugh about it and get over from it, and that's something key to have when driving, because you just got to learn from your mistakes and then improve your driving and experience. Let alone helping me out so much when I was a beginner, giving me useful tips that will most likely stick in my head and pass from generation to generation. Thank you Justine!

Nicole ClementsNicole Clements
Passed after Test Booster Course
When I started my driving course with Justine it had been several months since I’d had a driving lesson. Justine made me feel instantly comfortable and gave me confidence in my own abilities. Every day I was improving and feeling more relaxed. By the day of my test the excitement far outweighed the nerves. Justine was a fab instructor who communicated everything really well, her approachable personality made it easy to ask questions and ensure that I understood everything. As we walked into the test centre there was a real “WE can do this!” attitude that Justine and I shared. And when I was told that I had passed it really felt as though Justine and I had achieved something together! I think she was almost as chuffed as I was! I’d recommend Justine to anyone who wants to learn to drive in a friendly and professional environment.

George AshleyGeorge Ashley
Passed at Southend
I was recommended Justine from a family member who had recently passed with her, and from my first lesson received clear instructions from a patient and attentive instructor. Allowing me to feel confident and relaxed in lessons. Will be recommending Justine to any other learners I know and hope that you will also.

Emily TennisonEmily Tennison
Passed 1st time at Southend
I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Justine! I was recommended Justine by a previous student of hers, and once I got in touch, she responded to me within 24hrs to book my first lesson! She is such a friendly lady and from my first lesson, the atmosphere in the car was relaxed and calm. She helped me to build my confidence whilst driving, and I passed my practical test first time! The online recourses were also a great help when revising for my theory test! Overall a lovely woman and a great teacher; would definitely recommend! X

Passed at Southend 1st time with LDC
I was recommended Justine after previously failing with another driving instructor. Immediately on her lessons, I was increasing in confidence and felt more and more prepared to take the practical test in a matter of weeks. Justine is an absolutely lovely lady and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to pass their test! Fantastic teacher. Thank you Justine!

Completed a semi intensive course
Georgia completed a semi intensive course over several weeks and passed at Southend with a lovely confident drive. Enjoy the car and your freedom.

Passed at Southend
Congratulations Charley! It may not have been your first test, but WOW was it your best! You managed to overcome the nerves and the examiner had some lovely comments. Enjoy the car

Passed 1st time!
Jude passed 1st time at Basildon with only 6 driver faults. We had changed test centre from Southend to Basildon as test availability was greater. He had a fantastic drive with great comments from the Examiner.

Passed 1st time!
Well I passed my driving test today thanks to taking lessons with Justine, if I did not, I would not have passed. Justine is a very good instructor, understanding and pleasant, I would highly recommend her AND I passed 1st time, SO HAPPY! Thank you Justine

Alec HaywardAlec Hayward
Passed 1st time at Southend
Justine is truly amazing at teaching people to drive. Justine is very professional and extremely hard working to get her learner drivers to the level of standard before test day. Justine is so good and lovely to get on with. You concentrate and listen to Justine's advice there is no reason why you cant pass. I did first time.

Kate SmithKate Smith
Ist time pass at Basildon
Passed first time at Basildon after having my confidence knocked with my previous driving instructor. Justine was an amazing confidence builder. I have suffered with really bad anxiety for a long time, especially after having my confidence knocked and I can honestly say choosing Justine was the best thing I done! She's the most friendliest woman you'll meet and always has a positive attitude and a big smile which makes you feel at ease almost instantly. She wasn't just my driving instructor but also a great listener who helped me with many problems. If you suffer from anxiety and struggle to do anything new like me, definitely choose Justine. Shes patient and perfect for anyone who's that little Bit nervous! Thank you for everything and for putting up with me for so long. :) xxx

George HillsGeorge Hills
Passed at Basildon
I was recommended Justine by a family friend after I was let down by my previous driving instructor, she built up my confident ready for my test which I passed only last week. Thank you Justine. - George Hills (Age 17)

Sophie ParrettSophie Parrett
Passed 1st time at Southend
I began learning with Justine in September 2017, she made me feel very calm which quickly made me feel confident in my ability. I’m happy to say that I passed first time at Southend Test centre, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Justine, she is truly an amazing driving instructor. - Sophie Parrett (Age 17)

Charlotte ImberCharlotte Imber
Excellent result for a very anxious pupil
I can't thank Justine enough for all her hard work and support on my driving journey. Learning to drive with Justine from start to finish has been an absolute pleasure and I would happily recommend her to anyone looking to secure safe driving skills for life and pass their test in confidence. Justine is happy, caring and all round a great person to take lessons with; a first class instructor who made me feel important, valued and above all safe.

Emily AshleyEmily Ashley
Passed at Basildon
Justine has been brilliant with helping me pass my test. On the driving lessons I always felt relaxed and comfortable, she provides constructive points in a supportive way so you feel as though you are learning positively and never negatively. Justine is very friendly during the lessons which helps you feel at ease. Many family members of mine have been taught by Justine and I would recommend her to anybody looking for a good instructor.

Laura WhiteLaura White
A fantastic pass for a nervous pupil
As a very shy, and non-confident person, lessons with Justine couldn't have made me feel more at ease! I started to learn to drive years ago, but after a failed test gave up. Learning to drive with Justine helped build my confidence up - I just wished I had started to learn to drive with LDC and Justine earlier!  Always reliable and always patient with me when I did something wrong! Didn't think I would ever enjoy learning to drive, but learning with Justine was fun and relaxed. Couldn't recommend Justine enough!

Chloe PlowmanChloe Plowman
Passed at Basildon
After a bad experience with my first driving instructor coming to LDC Driving School was the best move I ever made, my driving instructor was friendly, reliable and made me feel at ease as soon as I met her. I would definitely recommend Justine and LDC Driving School.

James Blake-LofthouseJames Blake-Lofthouse
Passed 1st time
I booked the Midway Pass Course with LDC & Justine. This course was ideal for me as i had previous driving experience and wanted to learn effectively & efficiently . I still did not feel ready taking my first test even after having around 25 hours behind the wheel so was looking for the best most easiest and efficient way to learn. This was combined with the LDC learning approach & Justine herself. The LDC learning approach puts everything into very simple terms & perspective. The LDC approach was tailored to my needs, Justine is calm, collective and very patient instructor.  I passed first time with her help and guidance. Thanks Justine!

Cassie VervoortCassie Vervoort
Passed at Southend
I can truly say that Justine was my saviour when it came to gaining the confidence I needed to get to test standard. Unfortunately I had spent a lot of money on driving instructors who just weren't giving me the moral support I needed. After searching for a female instructor in the area I came across Justine, and from the first time we went out for a drive, I finally discovered that driving lessons could be enjoyable! She was calm, constructive, and was never annoyed by me doing something incorrect. All lessons were upbeat, encouraging and in great humour. Things I just couldn't grasp with all my other instructors, suddenly came with ease as she would never overcomplicate any instruction. Without Justine, I truly believe that I would still be spending hundreds on lessons, getting disheartened, and possibly giving up due to lack of funds. I am eternally grateful, and would always recommend her without hesitation. 1000 times, Thank you!! 

Lee TannerLee Tanner
1st Pass for 2017
I booked a semi intensive course with Justine as needed to pass quickly, from the first lesson i instantly felt at ease with her, she was friendly, patient and gave instruction clearly, reassuring when necessary. I would happily recommend Justine to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Josh JonesJosh Jones
Passed within 3 months of turning 17
I passed my theory on my 17th birthday and booked a semi intensive course with Justine. I felt comfortable from the beginning and the lessons were great. She was always happy to discuss different ways of learning the manoeuvres and willing to talk about anything my friends were learning too. I would recommend Justine to anyone.

Hayley DitzelHayley Ditzel
Passed weeks after having a baby!
I had a previous instructor that always made me feel that my driving was not good enough. Justine immediately picked up on the positive aspects of my driving which made me realise that I wasn't an awful driver after all. We worked on my weaker areas and she built my confidence. I can't thank her enough! No more getting on the buses with a pushchair! Thanks Justine x

Amanda AmbroseAmanda Ambrose
Safe pass
I have been learning with Justine for some time. She took the lessons nice and steady for me and was happy to go over anything I wasn't sure of. The LDC workbook really helped me make sure I knew everything I needed too. I would recommend Justine to anyone!

Louise RoukeLouise Rouke
First time pass with 1 minor
I had previously had a few hours with another instructor but never felt completely at ease. Justine was friendly and offered help and reassurance when I needed it. The LDC book and DVD were such a help when it came to visualising what I needed to do. I never thought I would pass first time, let alone with only 1 minor! Thank you again x

Genny MiddlemastGenny Middlemast
After several fails elsewhere - a first time pass with LDC
After having lessons with a previous instructor and failing seven times I had turned to Justine as a last resort. I booked a 15 hour test booster course and had the lessons over the course of a week, with my test on the Friday. She is super friendly and positive which helped me feel at ease in the car and helped build my confidence up. She listened to everything I said, helped me choose what I needed to practice on and on the day of the test when the nerves were getting to me, she was brilliant at calming me down and distracting me. I could not recommend her highly enough, especially if you have had your confidence knocked by failing in the past. Thank you so much Justine for a constructive and fun week with a brilliant outcome! Thankyou!!

Natasha DawsonNatasha Dawson
A few years back I was a typical teenager who had a couple of driving lessons but never pushed myself to pass as I went to University and didn't need to drive. It's only from this year when a job depended on me driving that I was really pushed to learn. I met Justine on my first lesson when starting an intensive course with LDC. Justine was friendly, patient and made me feel very comfortable. On our driving lessons she explained and showed manoeuvres in detail, gave me tips on improvements and made me a more confident and safe driver. I thought passing my test would be a breeze, but as usual life has its ups and downs and it took a few attempts. I truly believe these failures have made me a better driver. Justine was supportive the whole way through, got my confidence back up when it was knocked and nothing was ever too much. I would thoroughly recommend Justine to anyone, she is a true professional who has such a calming nature when nerves can get the better of a learner driver. Thank You for everything! Gin & Tonic's all around to celebrate!

Gemma ParrettGemma Parrett
Passed 1st time with only 2 minors
I passed 1st time with only 2 minors, and Justine was brilliant in helping me to achieve this! She was so relaxed, which made me feel comfortable as a nervous learner. I had one previous instructor, who knocked my confidence, before I started with Justine. However, Justine supported me in improving my confidence. I enjoyed my lessons as a result of this. I did a 10 week Semi Intensive Course with Justine, as I wanted to pass quickly. Considering I have passed in the duration of this course proves that Justine is an amazing instructor. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Justine :-)

Sophie WilsonSophie Wilson
Wow! Pased with 1 minor!
When I started to learn to drive I wasn't into it, never had the urge to learn but learning with Justine gave me so much confidence, it was fun and entertaining. Justine creates a relaxed but safe environment to learn in, she treats you with respect and is an amazing instructor! It was a fun, informative and great experience which I would recommend to anyone and everyone! Thanks Justine for putting up with me! Love Sophie xx

Kieran Kieran
Passed with only 4 minors
I would highly recommend Justine to help you learn to drive & get you ready for your test, I had zero driving experience before starting with Justine but was a confident driver in no time. She makes you feel very comfortable & doesn't put you under any pressure, I looked forward to every lesson. Everything is very well explained to make it simple to understand. I am very grateful a friend recommended Justine to me & I will certainly be passing on her details on to others. Thank you :)

Passed with only 4 minors
'I recently passed my driving test with Justine and although it took me six attempts. I can honestly say, that after having three instructors previously, Justine is by far the best! She made me feel comfortable and confident in my abilities and its due to her calming nature than I managed to finally pass! She is an amazing instructor and I will definitely be recommending her in the future. Thank you a million times!'

Justine made me feel very at ease and taught me clear simple techniques whilst learning to drive. I highly recommend Justine to young people needing confidence through simple instruction. Thanks Kallum a pleasure to teach!

Passed with only 4 minors
Justine was patient and understanding. I have had several instructors and tests but never really felt comfortable with them. Justine was understanding and sympathetic giving me the encouragement I needed to pass. Would recommend to anyone!

Passed 1st time with only 5 minors!
Justine taught me to drive in a very short period of time and I would certainly recommend her. She has a very clear and calm way of explaining things which made the early lessons much easier, and the LDC workbook and DVD give you all the information you need and more. She answered any questions I had and her constant encouragement gave me the confidence that is so important on test day. Most of all Justine is a lovely person and lessons with her were a joy. Thanks very much to the LDC and Justine!

Passed 2nd time with 6 minors
I booked my first set of lessons with Justine and I'm so please I did. She made me welcome and comfortable in the car and taught with clear instruction every time. I never felt pressured to learn something I wasn't ready to and felt in control each time. She was really friendly and supportive and gave me the confidence to believe I could do it. I really think Justine couldn't have done better and that shows in my results which are all down to her hard work and training! The LDC handbook really helped me visualise the next lesson and teach me in advance how to complete manoeuvres and be safe on the road. It really helps break down the driving lessons in to manageable areas and you get to choose as the driver what you feel comfortable doing each time which is a great way of learning. Having the written description in the book to go with the verbal lesson instructions made things a lot easier to understand. The DVD was extremely helpful in reminding me on everything the lessons included and let me learn in my own time at home. It even has a full mock driving test filmed from inside the car and using multiple camera angles to show you how the leaner was checking for other cars, using mirrors and showed exactly what the instructor would say during a test. For me this was invaluable in knowing what to expect in advance of My test and helped reduce my nerves on the day. This way of learning was great for me and meant each time I had a lesson I was fully prepared with no surprises. LDC really did me proud and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Justine or them to anyone looking to pass their test no matter what stage they are at.

Passed 1st time with only 3 minors!
Thanks a lot Justine for helping me pass my driving test first time. Your professional input was really helpful.

Passed with only 4 minors
An Absolute massive thank you to Justine on basically doing everything to get me to pass. She is an outstanding instructor and I definitely advise people to book with her. I'm one proud girl! I couldn't of done this without Justine she is brilliant. Thank You!! Thank you Stacey for your kind words! You have been a pleasure to teach.

Moving to Uni with LDC
LDC is an amazing driving school, Justine is my driving instructor and she is so patience and kind. The technique they use allows you to learn at your own pace so that in the end everything really sticks with you. Each lesson you realise you've gotten used to a specific skill and that ultimately gives you more confidence on the road. I would really recommend LDC, I look forward to every driving lesson.